Minutes from April 11, 2017 NFU Local 362

NFU Local 362
April 11, 2017
7:00 p.m. Red Dot Cafe, 5673 Osgoode Main St, Osgoode

Location: Red Dot Cafe, Osgoode 7 p.m.

Present from executive: Katie Ward, Marlyn O’Connor, Bernard Foley, Katrina Anderson, Nicole Jones, Larry Vingerhoeds

Present from members: Jack Hoogenboom, Dick Coote, Karen Markle, Frank Poulin, Betty Ann Foley

Guests: Jacqui Ehninger-Cuervo, Kate Garvie

Guest Speaker: Jacqui Ehninger-Cuervo

Katie Ward chaired the meeting

1. Call to order. Katie Ward called the meeting at 7:14 p.m.

2. Approval of agenda – Nicole motioned, Jack seconded. Carried.

3. Guest speaker – Jacqui Ehninger-Cuervo – Spoke about free-flow hives, a new more expensive method to harvest – $699 for 1 hive but very time saving and will get more people into beekeeping. This system keeps Queen bee in Brood chamber as the worker bees start storing honey at the top of chamber, the hexagon cells are split which lets honey run out.

4. Approval of minutes – Nicole motioned, Marlyn seconded. Carried.

5. President’s report – Experimental Farm Advisory Council will have meeting – Katie will be representing the NFU on this council. Don Trott will be approached to be an alternate by Katie.

6. Treasurer’s report – Payment was received from NFU-O for our share for members as of March. 12 members down from last year. Larry Vingergoeds made a motion to accept, seconded by Dick Coote. Carried.

7. Business arising from minutes
A) Joint event with Just Food around land linking – April 4 – It was very successful – about 45 people, with more land seekers than land owners. Dick Coote spoke on event – 2 very interested people in renting 10 acres each. Dick filled in form and will check if it is going on Just Food website. He noted there was not enough time allotted. Larry Vingergoeds spoke – said the distance is a problem between Ottawa and Winchester. **Bernard Foley made motion that receipts up to $100 for refreshments should be covered by the NFU. Seconded by Nicole. Carried.

B) Film Screening – “Prison Farms” A movie about the agricultural and social impact of closing the prison farm at the Kingston Correctional Facility, and the efforts of local NFU members to keep it open. Central Branch Library Auditorium was suggested as location – $35/hr. A donation bucket was suggested, as well as inviting members of Parliament and Liberal MP’s to participate. Nicole Jones will organize table, and put together petition. Katie Ward will contact Dianne re best date. Marlyn O’Connor motioned NFU to cover the cost of Library and Dianne’s Dowling’s travel cost, Bernard Foley seconded. Carried.

C) OVFS – 4 names were drawn for the 4 gifts – Each winner will be contacted.

D) Seedy Saturday Report – one prize has been delivered, the other 3 prizes will be mailed.

E) Convention booth for Rideau Valley Conservation Authority. Scott Danford’s info has been passed on to Joan Lang April 6th.

8. Correspondence – Bernard Foley on South Nation Forest Cover Committee has had 4 meetings since he joined.
– NCC voted to transfer the land at the Sir John Carling site on the CEF to the Ottawa Hospital for the new Civic Campus. George Neville did have letter to editor published in Ottawa Citizen.
– Strategic Plan news – at the National Board Level. A committee was formed at the provincial level – NFU-O. Bernard Foley will fill out local executive survey that was circulated by Sarah Bakker regarding our capacity as an organization.
– NFU is forming a gender equity working group
– There is a new farmers market in Stittsville, run by the Ottawa Farmers Market
– CFIA is creating a consultation group on Plant and Animal Health

9. New business:
Criteria for including items in our Local e-mail newsletter
Agricultural links of interest will be send to executive first for approval, if no one replies back from executive to NOT send links, the links will be sent in the monthly email to the local members.

10. Adjournment at – 9:25 p.m. Nicole motioned to adjourn.

11. Next Meeting May 9, 2017 @ Red Dot Cafe, Osgoode.