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Our Local association features a full Board of 5 people that represent a diversity of farmers, and all very enthusiastic members. Members of the Local as such are quite diverse in terms of types of farming (e.g. dairy, beef, poultry, cash crop, and vegetable, fruit and meat CSAs) and age and gender. Membership includes both conventional and organic farmers. Issues the Local has focussed on over the past few years have included GM alfalfa and GMOs generally, glyphosate, Neonicotinoids, supply management, local school closures, and reconciliatory justice with Indigenous peoples. Given the proximity of two First Nations Communities, and the NFU’s standing call to its member Locals to find ways to act in solidarity with Indigenous peoples, the Grey Local has chosen to maintain a focus on Indigenous issues. This focus mostly takes the form of courses and workshops led by local Indigenous people and organized and promoted by the Grey Local.

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