Welcome to the 2018-2019 NFU-O Regional Council!


Emery Huszka Acclaimed National Farmers Union – Ontario President/NFU Region 3 Coordinator

Emery Huszka of Florence, Ontario was acclaimed as the National Farmers Union – Ontario President and NFU Region 3 Coordinator for the 2018 term at the Annual General Meeting held March 2nd in Belleville, Ontario

In his third term, Huszka remains committed to the NFU-O’s focus of engaging youth and sharing the NFU-O’s core values with both rural and urban populations. “I believe strongly in creating the economic and social conditions needed for family farms to thrive and promoting sustainability in the sector,” notes Huszka.

“In this election year, it’s important to ask the hard questions of those who wish to represent us.” Huszka stated. “How will they enshrine stable and predictable net income for farm families as a principle measurement for analysis of farm needs? How will they ensure true scale-able access and ownership to economically viable farm businesses and the land required for the next generation of food producers? What have their parties done in the past to protect farmland, and what is their plan to effectively end Ontario sprawl, rejuvenate existing communities, and protect forest, water, and farmland from our own greed?”

Also acclaimed to the NFU-O Board and NFU Region 3 Council were Tony Straathof (Westmeath) and Ayla Fenton (Kingston) as National Board members; Steph Laing (Prince Edward), Coreen McNally (Duntroon), and Don Ciparis (Rodney) as Councillors-at-large; Marcelle Paulin (Pass Lake) as Women’s Advisor; and Aaron Armstrong (Prince Edward) as Youth Advisor. Katie Sproule (Picton) is the International Program Committee representative.

For more information:

Emery Huszka, NFU-O President: 226-373-6244; president@nfuontario.ca
Sarah Bakker, NFU-O General Manager: 705-738-3993, office@nfuontario.ca