Our organization is structured a little differently. The NFU-O is made up of farmers and their farm families. Every member of the NFU-O, including the farm family members (spouse and children ages 14 – 21), are full voting members of the NFU-O. This structure reflects the importance of everyone who contributes on the farm and participates in its viability through both on and off-farm employment.

The National Farmers Union is comprised of eight regions across the country. To the National organization, the NFU-Ontario is known as Region 3. The NFU-O elects eight council positions. A National Coordinator (who is the NFU-O or Region 3 President) and two other Ontario members sit on the National Board. A Women’s Advisor, a Youth Advisor, and three councillors at large.

Within the NFU-O, we have 22 Locals that make up our provincial organization. While they make up the NFU-Ontario, they have very unique voices of their own and each have their own place within our organization. You can find your Local here and see what they’re all about.

But remember, no matter how complicated the structure, our mandate is simple: Strong Communities. Sound Policies. Sustainable Farms.

Want to dig a little deeper? Read our mission and objectives.