Region 3 Convention & NFU-O AGM

Region 3 Convention and NFU-O AGM

“Land, Labour, Laws: From Policy to Practise”

February 25-26, 2021

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, we regret that we must postpone the keynote Farmers’ Rights: India and the Corporate Control of Food with Kannaiyan Subramaniam. It is our hope that we can reschedule the presentation for a later date. Please watch your email for details.

We are in the process of looking for an alternate presentation and will provide details as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

If you would like further details, you may call the office at 1-888-832-9638.


Join us on Thursday, February 25th at 7:30pm (EST), for a discussion with Jane Rabinowicz, Executive Director of SeedChange and member of Farmers for Climate Solutions.

Jane Rabinowicz was appointed Executive Director of SeedChange in 2016, sharing the title with Martin Settle as a leadership team. She joined SeedChange in 2011 as Founding Director of The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security. Jane has dedicated her career to community-led change. She is co-founder of the Silver Dollar Foundation, and serves on the Board of Directors of Tides Canada. She was previously Director of Development at Équiterre and Executive Director of Santropol Roulant, and volunteered on the Boards of Directors of Centraide du Grand-Montréal, Food Secure Canada, Girls Action Foundation, and the Centre for Community Organizations. Jane was named one of the 53 most influential people in Canada’s food system by The Globe and Mail, and one of Canada’s leading women changing the way we eat by Châtelaine Magazine. (she/her, Ottawa/Montreal)

From Jane we’ll learn more about Farmers for Climate SolutionsSeedChange, and how you can get involved.

PLUS! Join us for 3 exciting panel discussions:

Land-linking 2021

This webinar is the culmination of our winter 2021 Land-linking and Farmland Conservation series, a project to address the challenges of farmland access and the demographic crisis in farming.

Find out what we’ve learned from our workshops with land-seeking students, youth, and with BIPOC farmers. Hear from several land-holders about their search for successors and land partners, then tell us what you want to see in the next phase of the project.

Sustainable Food Systems: Risks from Aggregate Extraction?

The pandemic and climate crisis are highlighting short- and long-term challenges to our food systems. Southwestern Ontario has the best agricultural land in Canada but is facing growing risks to sustainable food production and meeting Canada’s commitment to Sustainable Development Goals.

This summer the NFU-O, in partnership with Gravel Watch, engaged a McMaster University student to map aggregate extraction on prime farmland. This session will explore how we can use the current data to engage planners and local groups about the risks aggregate extraction poses to food sustainability and healthy communities.

Working Together: Insights on Labour Needs, Challenges, and Management Practices on NFU-O Farms

To value local food is to value the skilled effort required to produce it. Over the past year, over 700 farm operators and labourers across the province have participated in the NFU-O farm labour project. What emerges from the survey data, conversations, and workshops is a membership committed to cultivating not only sustainable agriculture, but progressive, fair, and nurturing work environments.

Join the NFU-O farm labour project team to glean the employment landscape of sustainable agricultural in Ontario. Let’s explore together what best management practices, policy initiatives, and community connections we can foster to attract, develop, and retain the farm leaders of tomorrow.


Thursday, February 25th, 2021

12:15pm Call to Order Region 3 Convention/Steering Committee Report and Ratification/Approval of Agenda/Open Nominations
1:15pm Regional, National, and Women, Youth, and IPC Advisory Reports
2:15pm Resolutions
3:15pm Break
3:30pm Panel: “Land-Linking 2021”
4:30pm Resolutions
5:30pm Break

Friday, February 26th, 2021

10:00am Panel: Sustainable Food Systems: Risks from Aggregate Extraction?
11:15am Break
11:30am Panel: Working Together: Insights on Labour Needs, Challenges, and Management Practices on NFU-O Farms
12:30pm Break
1:30pm NFU-O AGM Call to Order
1:35pm Elections
2:35pm Financial Statements and Appointment of Auditor
3:35pm Adoption of Region 3 Policy Resolutions/Other/Adjournment
3:40pm Reconvene Region 3 Convention/Adoption of National Board  Members, IPC member, Women’s Advisor and Youth Advisor
4:00pm Closing Remarks – Regional Coordinator & NFU-O President