While the specifics of our yearly goals and work may fluctuate based on the priorities our members set, the objectives outlined in our bylaws are our organization’s true north. They keep us focused on what matters, and ensure that all our activities adhere to our mechanisms for governance and keep us accountable to our membership.

1) To promote the betterment of farmers in the attainment of their economic and social goals;

2) To conduct projects for the benefit of farmers in the development of markets for, and the marketing of, farm products;

3) To achieve the reduction of costs and other measures designed to increase the economic benefits of farming;

4) To conduct educational and research projects for the benefit of farmers;

5) To promote and secure legislation and other forms of government action for the benefit of farmers;

6) To promote a higher standard of community in agriculture;

7) To provide services for its members consistent with its objects and work jointly with any other persons or organizations for the attainment of its objects.

Still looking for more information on what governs our organization? Here you can read the NFU-O bylaws or our audited financial statements.