NFU-O asks OMAFRA and MNR for Answers and a Plan for Rabies Cases

In a letter to Minister Leal of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs and cc’d to Minster of Natural Resources, Kathryn McGarry, the NFU-O raised concerns regarding the recent rabies cases seen in Huron and Perth County.

“One infected animal is too many,” said Martin Boettcher, livestock farmer and NFU-O Board member. “Farmers work closely with their pets and livestock, so it’s only a matter of time until someone contracts this terrible life threatening disease.”

The NFU-O asked what steps the province is taking to reduce the incidents of rabies. “We need fully funded bait inoculation programs,” commented Emery Huszka, NFU-O President. “Rural residents also need to know what to look for, and they need resources to help educate and keep their children safe.”

The NFU-O also called for a report investigating the root causes behind the outbreak, including looking into whether budget cuts have affected wild animal baiting programs; whether the disease is moving in on unchecked transport trucks from other regions; or if the disease has been imported with out of province livestock.

For more information contact:
Emery Huszka, NFU-O President: 519-692-4892 or
Martin Boettcher, NFU-O Youth Advisor: 519-292-6085 or

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