NFU-O farmers think things should be done a little differently. We work toward progressive agricultural policy that sustains family farmers. We also recognize that the definition of “family” may have changed over the years, but that’s fine with us–we’re all family at the NFU-O, because working together to get the job done is what family does. Together, we can produce healthy and safe food through environmentally sustainable farm practices, and we can shape rural communities people want to live in.

Operating on local, provincial, national, and international levels, the National Farmers Union is invested in you and your farm. As a growing organization made up of farmers just like you, we stand up together for farm policy that supports farmers–you guessed it–just like you. While many organizations talk the talk, the NFU-O walks the walk.

Like any good agricultural non-profit, we have a board of directors that oversee the direction and activities of our organization. Like any great agricultural non-profit, our board is comprised of famers from small and medium sized farms cultivating a diversity of commodities and farm products. They know what matters to our members all too well, because it’s what matters to them, too.

Not only do we have a diversity of farm types represented, we also have a diversity of demographics within our board and our leadership positions. From the get go (did we mention we were founded in 1969?), women and young farmers have always had seats at our table, and their input has always been valued. Now more than ever, the need for a diversity in agricultural leadership is growing and we pride ourselves on being the Accredited Farm Organization in Ontario that truly represents who’s farming today and who will be farming tomorrow.

You should join us.

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