Minutes from May 9, 2017 NFU Local 362

NFU Local 362
May 9th, 2017
7:00 p.m. Red Dot Cafe, 5673 Osgoode Main St, Osgoode

Location: Red Dot Cafe, Osgoode 7 p.m.

Present from executive: Katie Ward, Marlyn O’Connor, Katrina Anderson, Bernard Foley

Present from members: Jack Hoogenboom, Nicole Jones

Katie Ward chaired the meeting.

1. Call to order – Katie Ward – 7:16 p.m.

2. Approval of agenda – Nicole motioned, Marlyn seconded. Carried.

3. Approval of minutes – Nicole motioned as ammended, Marlyn seconded. Carried.

4. President’s report – An in person Ontario Council meeting this past weekend in Toronto – very productive, four priorities were set for the year. The National Council meeting was this past Wednesday, they are close to approving a strategic plan. Manitoba and Alberta are moving towards finding stable funding.

5. Treasurer’s report – The current amount in the bank was disclosed. Nicole motioned, Bernard seconded. Carried.

6. Business arising from minutes
A) Film Screening – Prison Farms – Contact was made with the Library, the idea will be revisited in the fall.

B) OVFS Winners – Katie will get in contact with the winner of her Gift Certificate. Katrina’s winner will be using her gift certificate this coming Friday. Bernard will get honey to the winner of his gift certificate shortly. Thank you to all those who donated gift certificates.
7. Correspondence – Marian Stewart was in contact with Nicole, Connie, and Elizabeth Davis Stag regarding farm photos. If anyone has great farm photos they can be emailed to Nicole Jones. There is a network of local food advocates being created that ties to the Greenbelt Grant.
– Christine Ferrar requested a members only section on the website, a return response will be sent shortly indicating that we are working on incorporating that into the website.
– Ontario region is setting up a Google group for the local executive.

8. New business: – The Forest Cover Committee will submit a report to Board of Directors of the South Nation Conservation Authority.
– Summer Social – to be held Sunday August 27th at 2:00 p.m. tentatively at Bernard Foleys – 11875 Lightning St. Williamsburg.
– Discussing the upcoming November Convention at the Travel Lodge in the east end of Ottawa and food possibilities in regards to a catered dinner, perhaps working with Beau’s Brewery.

9. Adjournment at -.8:33 p.m. Bernard motioned.

10. Next Meeting – Wednesday June 14th, 2017 @ Red Dot Cafe, Osgoode, the following meeting will be Tuesday September 12th.