Request a Membership Card

As of 2012, Farm Business Registration payments made to an accredited farm organization are not automatically applied to membership. In order to be a full member of the National Farmers Union – Ontario, you must explicitly request your membership/member card.

To do so, please email and state: “I wish my Farm Business Registration (FBR) payment, which I have made to the National Farmers Union-Ontario (NFU-O) to serve as my MEMBERSHIP in the NFU-O and that any future FBR payments made to the NFU-O continue to maintain my membership in that organization, unless I otherwise notify the NFU-O in writing.” Please include your FBR number when you email.

Once we have received your membership request, we will make a note in our database and will automatically send out your card each year when we receive your FBR payment.

If you have already requested membership, we appreciate your support, and you should be receiving your membership card shortly.