Media Release: NFU-O Commends Climate Change Action Plan; Regulations are The Critical Piece

The National Farmers Union – Ontario commends the Ontario government for developing Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan. In contrast to previous environmental commitments that had inadequate accountability or concrete planning, this plan has specific, measurable actions and allocates the funding needed to support them. Now we have a tangible way for Ontario to meet its new greenhouse gas emissions goals.

“As a leader in sustainable agriculture, the NFU-O has long-recognized the important role farmers of all sizes can play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Ontario and the role of improved soil health in sequestering carbon,” stated Emery Huszka, NFU-O President. “We are eager to provide assistance in the implementation of this strategy, as the regulations that need to be developed will be critical to how the plan affects agriculture, and we must insure that farms of all sizes have the funding necessary to reduce GHGs.”

The NFU-O hopes that action areas, such as transportation, will not focus exclusively on urban areas, but that support will be available to help rural Ontarians have necessary mobility in a more climate-friendly way.

Katie Ward, NFU-O Council member, notes, “The NFU-O supports making agriculture more climate friendly and more resilient in the face of climate uncertainty. We would like to continue working with the provincial government, as the NFU is doing in Manitoba, to develop the kinds of policies and programs that will be effective in reducing emissions while contributing to the economic viability of family farms in Ontario.”

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For more information:
Emery Huszka, NFU-O President: or 226-373-6244
Katie Ward, NFU-O Council: or 613-797-0601