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Welcome message from the president:

Welcome to Local 353! The NFU- O is a place where your voice and opinion matters. We may be small but we’re mighty in our advocacy, which gets the attention of the right people to help strengthen agricultural policy. If you’re not a member yet, please join the NFU and help us continue to make a difference in the lives of farmers and their family farms in your local area!

Mike Tremblay
President, Local 353

About Our Local

We’re a small group of farmers with a history spanning over five generations. We’re devoted to our work in feeding our community sustainably grown healthy food! We’re also dedicated to advocating for our community to make sure future generations have access to local food and farms.


Why You Should Join Us

If you believe in food security and sustainability, and believe that farmland should be in the hands of farmers, we need your voice! At the NFU, your ideas and opinions will be heard locally, and in provincial and national settings. Join us to help establish strong policies to secure local agriculture in Ontario!


Not A Farmer?

You may not be a farmer, but you definitely eat food grown by a farmer. And if you care about what you’re eating then you most likely want to see a healthy and sustainable food system in your community. If this sounds like you then you should join us! You will have opportunities to meet your local farm families, express your views to a group that will listen, and help us make a difference!


Upcoming Meetings

We meet twice a year and sometimes more depending on what we’re up to. Our meetings are a chance for us to get together, share ideas and plan events. We also offer free lunches during our meetings!

Details Coming Soon.


Upcoming Events

We like to hold events that have a specific purpose. Events are a great way for us to engage with our community and raise awareness about local farms and food!

Details Coming Soon.

Contact Us!

President: Mike Tremblay
Email: michael@tremblay.org