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Durham, Peterborough, Victoria

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Welcome message from the president:

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Elizabeth Stocking
President, Local 345

About Our Local

Over the years members have come and gone but a core group has carried the torch year to year. We are constantly working to bridge the distance between our older farmers and the next wave of new farmers. Whether we’re gathered around a kitchen table, taking a tour of a member’s farm, or in earlier days protesting with tractors at Queen’s Park, values of the family farms, and the Canadian food system is found at the heart of our local.


Why You Should Join Us

Farmers need farmers! The local is the place to find solidarity and understanding with the issues we face on a daily basis. It is also the place to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements along the way. We all face issues as farmers, including industry, policy, or even stress, the NFU-O provides resources and supports to help us through it all!


Not A Farmer?

We welcome non-farming members to our local. So many issues in agriculture require the combined efforts of urban and rural communities. The location of our local is close to urban centers, and has the potential to maintain the crucial dialogue that is needed as we work together to advocate for a food system that serves all of us. The best thing about a non-farming member joining our local is the opportunity to meet great, hard working people who are committed to farming as a way of life.


Upcoming Meetings

We are a small but dedicated group that works to meet on a monthly basis between September to May.

Thursday June 27: 7 – 9 p.m. – Strack’s Smokin’ Grill in Blackstock.

Contact Us!

President: Elizabeth Stocking
Phone: 905-852-3878
Email: elizabeth.stocking@gmail.com