Local 335 – Huron

Local 335 Farmers View “Genetic Roulette” - Media Release

March 28, 2013

Farmers View “Genetic Roulette”

At their March members meeting Huron NFU local 335 showed the movie “Genetic Roulette” about genetically modified foods.  It illustrated how foreign genes are inserted into the genetic code across species barriers.  It then explored the animal and human health implications of these...Read More »

Huron Farm Groups host a Radioactive Waste Information Meeting

In response to the Nuclear Waste Management  Organization (NWMO) courting  municipalities around Southern Ontario for a repository or dump site for all of Canada’s high level radioactive waste Huron County farm groups are sponsoring a public information meeting to learn more about the proposal and its benefits and risks.  The...Read More »

Local 335 Beingessner Award Presented at Huron NFU Annual General Meeting - Press Release

A special moment occurred during the Huron NFU AGM when Marion Studhalter was presented with the Paul Beingessner Award for Excellence in Writing. There are two annual literary prizes established by the National Farmers Union to honour Paul Beingessner for his rural and agricultural journalism. Beingessner was killed in a...Read More »

Huron NFU Young Farmer Gathering

The Huron NFU held a young farmer gathering, Sunday, August 19 at Meeting Place Organic Farm. At the start of the session each participant had an opportunity to introduce themselves and their farm activities. This was followed by a discussion of ideas and concerns. The availability of land and the...Read More »