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Welcome message from the President:

A warm welcome to northern farmers and community members! Thank you for your interest and support in the NFU, a grassroots organization. We’re eager to hear your thoughts and comments about farming and local food. Please feel free to reach out to us at any point or to sit in on a meeting to see what the NFU-O Local 333 is all about. Get in touch to attend a meeting or an event!

Brendan Grant
President, Local 333

About Our Local

Our local is expansive! We are farmers and community members from all over the North. We are currently working on member recruitment projects and recently completed a visibility project for the NFU in our local.

Why You Should Join Us

A farmer should join our local to get in on the projects that are unique to our region. Farming in the North has particularities and by joining our local you are joining a group that understands the realities.

Not A Farmer?

Non-farming members should join our local because their input is extremely important. As farmers we can get tunnel vision at times and a broader perspective of food and farming from a community member makes us all stronger and more resilient.


Upcoming Meetings

Our meetings are friendly and productive. An agenda and minutes are circulated prior to the meeting to make sure we are all on the same page. With a few exceptions, our meetings are always held via teleconference because our members are very far from one another.

Details Coming Soon.


Upcoming Events

We hold an Annual General Meeting once a year. Our AGM is a great opportunity for the Local to get together, discuss our focus, engage with one another, establish our executive team and a great way to get involved!

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