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Leeds, Grenville

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Welcome message from the president:

Welcome to Local 318! It’s been a pleasure to be President of such a dedicated local that’s worked on many projects to support issues, such as food sovereignty, pollinator protection, rural infrastructure and much more! I’m delighted to share our new webpage with you! If you have any questions and want to learn more, please feel free to reach out to us!

Nikki Oke
President, Local 318

About Our Local

We’re a diverse group of farmers in Leeds and Grenville working on many projects to support our community including the Tri-County Food Charter, Two Rivers Food Hub, Ottawa Valley Farm Show, and Farmersville Community Abattoir. We’ve worked on many projects related to pollinator protection and food sovereignty. We also support young farmers through funding initiatives and NFU Young Farmers projects.

We also get involved with our community through collaborations with other NFU Locals and local organizations such as Citizen’s Democracy Forum and Comers.


Why You Should Join Us

If you want to help other farmers, and help establish stronger policies for small and medium sized farms, you should join us. Farmers need each other and there is no better way to support each other than working on issues that affect us together! Visit the “Join Us” page to learn how you can become a member with the NFU!


Not A Farmer?

We all eat, and what we eat affects each of us. If you want to see a sustainable and local food system thrive in Ontario, we need your support and your voice! We always welcome anyone who wants to help us secure the future of local food and farms in Ontario!


Upcoming Meetings

We meet at a local restaurant for lunch and discuss the relevant topics affecting our farmers. We also have ongoing phone and email correspondences to stay on top of immediate needs of our members.

Details Coming Soon.


Upcoming Events

We are very active in our community and often attend events to support neighbouring NFU locals and local organizations through tabling, and public engagement.

Details Coming Soon.

Contact Us!

President: Nikki Oke
Email: nicolle.oke@gmail.com