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Welcome message from the president:

Welcome to Local 305 of the NFU- O, Toronto-York-Peel! I’m pleased to say that as a fairly new Local, we’ve accomplished a lot thanks to our passionate and dedicated members. We’re always eager to connect with our community through events and meetings, and show our support to local farms and food. And now we have this amazing webpage to connect to a wider audience! If you’re a new NFU member in the Toronto area, we’re delighted to have you join us!

Antonio Gomez
2021 President, Local 305

About Our Local

Our local has NFU members in the Toronto-York-Peel regions. We’re a group of passionate farmers and eaters who have come together to advocate for local farms and food in rural, urban and suburban settings. Since our Local is located in the Toronto area, we’re in close proximity to Queen’s Park and many advocacy groups who share our interest in securing a local and sustainable food system in Canada! We’re excited about the potential for face to face engagement with urban and suburban eaters and with our provincial government regarding policy on food security in Ontario.


Why You Should Join Us

Our NFU local encompasses not only the rural and suburban regions of York and Peel, but also the city of Toronto, which means we have unique access to many provincial politicians as well as Queen’s Park. Because of our mix of members who live in rural, suburban and urban locales, we have dynamic and vigorous debates about the direction and future of food and food systems, as well as lots of ideas on where and how that should go. If you are a farmer who is concerned about the agricultural and food policies and practices of Ontario, join us in advocating for the interests of local food producers and the people you feed!


Not A Farmer?

If you are not a food producer, you are most definitely a food consumer. If you’ve ever contemplated what it is you eat, you know that the quality and source of your food is essential to your well-being and that of your family. The NFU advocates for the interests of local food producers and in so doing, we also advocate for the people who eat that food. If you want to join the struggle for a just, sustainable, affordable, accessible, ecological and healthy food system for all, become an associate member of the NFU to join Local 305!


Upcoming Meetings

Because our members live in a wide geographical area, most of our board meetings are held via conference call. Our board meetings are open to interested members, unless stated otherwise. We also hold at least one local-wide AGM, which is usually held in-person. In the past, these meetings have been held at Whole Village, near Caledon.

Details Coming Soon.

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Upcoming Events

As a fairly new Local, we try to hold as many events as possible. We’re always open to a variety of different themes to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone! In the past, we co-hosted a Harvest Moon Potato Bake & Film Screening at the Wychwood Barns Artspace. We look forward to planning many more!

Details Coming Soon.

Monthly E-News

We produce a monthly e-newsletter called “Gullet to Gut“. That goes out to our members and allies, and contains news pertaining to farming, food and related issues that may impact food producers, consumers and our communities. We also occasionally send out news flashes that contain time-sensitive material that are of interest to our members and allies.

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Antonio Gomez
Email: local305@nfuontario.ca