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Haldimand, Norfolk, South Oxford

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Welcome message from the president:

Welcome to Local 301! We are collaborative group, extremely occupied in the summer and only highly in the winter. If you choose to come to the local chapter of the National Farmer’s Union, you will be connected with other open minded, hard working, and fun loving individuals who share common rural roots. I invite you to come and check us out!

Tim Wilson
President, Local 301

About Our Local

We are a diverse group of farmers with social conscience. Our local spans the demographic of age, crop, organic to chemically aided. Our goal is to continue to highlight the people, places, and things our area has to offer. We are not called Ontario’s Garden for nothing so come out and have a taste of the season. From the shores of the great lake Erie to the sand plains of Norfolk, the heavy rich soils to the north and east all combine for a terriory we can celebrate and protect.

Why You Should Join Us

If you’re a farmer who wants to help establish stronger policies for farmers in the Haldimand, Norfolk and South Oxford area, or just connect with other farmers in your community, you should join us!

Not A Farmer?

As a non-farmer you are as valuable as top soil. After all, we serve you through out fields, produce, and products. Your inputs broaden our perspective and give us a periscope when our heads may be buried in the work of short summer seasons.


Upcoming Meetings

Our typical meetings are more like a social where we gather to have conversations and share new ideas. This is usually followed by an agenda-based meeting run by the executive. After the meeting we always have a mixer with food and beverages in either a pot-luck or sponsored fashion.

Details Coming Soon.


Upcoming Events

We have our local AGM every years, and in the dog days of summer we plan on hosting a pot luck at a local brewery and hop farm. As the days cool and the pace slows down, there is talk of a local farm tour at a few regions of interest within our local. The east side of the local has different territory, people, and products than the western side of territory.

Details Coming Soon.

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Contact Us!

President: Tim Wilson
Email: carolinianhopyard@gmail.com