Local 362
Ottawa, Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Prescott-Russell

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Welcome message from the president:

The NFU-Ontario is an accredited farm business registration organization that offers more that an FBR number to our members. We welcome all supporters of Ontario farm families. One farmer said, "We have such a diversity of views. There is no silo. We all still get together - beekkeepers, hog farmers - all kinds of farmers with interests that overlap. We all sit at the same table learning from each other and finding common ground."
Katie Garvie
President, Local 362
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About Our Local

• We are fun!
• We talk about local agriculture issues.
• We are the farming organization with a conscious.
• We focus on eastern Ontario specifically.
• We have farmers of different commodity types
• We are organic and conventional farmers!
• We promote sustainable farming and regenerative agriculture
• Because of the size of the local and our geographic dispersal, it is really interesting to hear stories from all over the area


Why You Should Join Us

• We are people who care about where our food comes from.
• We discuss issues like supply management and the wheat board because we want farmers to be successful.
•We have summer socials, Christmas parties, and tours of different farming and agricultural facilities.
• We combine meetings with visiting different farms for ong-the-ground learning opportunities.


Not a Farmer?

Becoming a member is the best way to learn about food and the people who grow it. By adding non-farming voices, we can show our solidarity between producers and eaters.

• It increases the collaboration between farmers and non-farmers  as well as rural and urban communities.
• It helps farmers to  hear from folks who are not immersed in agriculture all the time, so we can know what the general eating public is interested in.


Upcoming Meetings

We meet monthly on the second Thursday of each month between September and June. We break for July and August but get together for a fun social.

We follow an agenda and keep to a schedule but we also have deep conversations about agricultural matters such as seeds, marketing, and global pressures.

If there is a guest speaker, there is an intelligent Q&A session that highlights our wide range of backgrounds and interests.

Contact Us!

President: Kate Garvie
Phone: 613-315-2160
Email: kate@heartbeetfarm.ca