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Welcome message from the president:

Grey County features a rich and dynamic diversity of types of farmers, and that diversity is wonderfully represented in the Local's Board of Directors as well as in the general membership. The Board welcomes members-at-large to Board meetings and greatly values the concerns, perspectives and ideas they bring to the table. We are a Board that listens. Our perennial challenge is to have the capacity to act on the many issues and opportunities before us, which is another reason why the Board welcomes, and seeks, active participation by Local members-at-large.
Brenda Hsueh
President, Local 344

About Our Local

Our Local association features a full Board of 7 people that represent a diversity of farmers, and all very enthusiastic members. Members of the Local as such are quite diverse in terms of types of farming (e.g. dairy, beef, poultry, cash crop, and vegetable, fruit and meat CSAs) and age and gender. Membership includes both conventional and organic farmers. Issues the Local has focussed on over the past few years have included GM alfalfa and GMOs generally, glyphosate, Neonicotinoids, supply management, local school closures, and reconciliatory justice with Indigenous peoples. Given the proximity of two First Nations Communities, and the NFU’s standing call to its member Locals to find ways to act in solidarity with Indigenous peoples, the Grey Local has chosen to maintain a focus on Indigenous issues. This focus mostly takes the form of courses and workshops led by local Indigenous people and organized and promoted by the Grey Local.


Why You Should Join Us

We are an active Local that values and cares about its members and listens to their concerns, perspectives and ideas and seeks to act on them whenever possible and involve them in that process. Farmers that engage the Local will feel heard and find a welcoming, supportive home here.


Not a Farmer?

Many of the issues on which the Grey County Local focusses (e.g. GMOs, neonicotinoids, supply management) have an impact on eaters/non-farmers generally, especially with respect to the foods they buy. Eaters who care about the food they eat – it’s nutritional value, lack of pesticide contamination, and overall healthiness – can count on the NFU-O Grey County Local 344 to give voice to their concerns and preferences.


Upcoming Meetings

The Local’s Board meets monthly with a summer hiatus. Usually all seven Board members are present and sometimes a few of the Local’s members-at-large attend meetings as well. Meetings include community building time and a business and planning agenda. Members listen to and respect one another in a manner that always makes for productive – and fun – Board meetings. Meetings are held either in Hanover or Markdale or at a Board member’s home.

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Upcoming Events

During some but not all years, member social gatherings and a public event organized around a particular issue usually of interest to both farming and eater/consumer communities. For two consecutive years and continuing, we co-sponsor courses and workshops on Indigenous history, culture and reconciliatory justice. And of course an annual Annual General Meeting, usually held in January.

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E-News Sign Up

The Local produces a quarterly newsletter, and also issues media releases and statements on specific issues of interest to the farming community on an as-needed basis.

Contact Us!

President: Brenda Hsueh
Phone: 519-363-2199
Email: bbhsueh@gmail.com