Local 340
Waterloo Wellington

Our local typically has...

5 Meetings

1 Event


Open to everyone! After a brief AGM and election, people will have the opportunity to share experiences, meet new people and offer the NFU board direction as to what they would like to see being addressed in the upcoming year.

Please consider nominating yourself or someone else to join the board – the more participants and diversity we have, the more we can acomplish.

Please RSVP by January 15, 2020 so that we know how much food to order (and to get your free drink ticket of course!)


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About Our Local

Our local chapter of the NFU is looking to grow our membership through community engagement. We have been contacting current members to find out what issues are of importance to them and their farms, and what kind of local events they would be interested in participating in. We’ve also been engaging food and farm enthusiasts with some of our events!


Why You Should Join Us

Local 340 is eager to get farmers together and hear about the issues that have the biggest impact on your farm. We’re stronger together and look forward to welcoming new farmer members as well as associate members to have a stronger voice in our community.


Not a Farmer?

Everybody eats! By supporting your local farmers you are helping shape the way your food gets to your table.

Upcoming Meetings

Our meetings typically last an hour and are very inviting for new members. We’ll review our minutes from the last meeting, discuss budget, upcoming events, and pressing issues. We’ll also invite anyone to bring forward new initiatives or events they think our chapter should be a part of to discuss as a team.

Contact Us!

President: Caitlin Hall
Email: hallcaitlin@gmail.com