Peter Dowling Memorial Fund for Farmer Empowerment

Local 316 has decided to expand the criteria for grants from its New and Young Farmers Fund.

We are granting funds:

  1. to help new and young farmers attend learning opportunities (conferences, workshops, farm tours, etc);
  2. to award 4-H scholarships in Frontenac and Lennox-Addington Counties; and,
  3. for the purchase of farming materials and equipment, particularly those related to mitigating climate change.
  4. Please be in touch if you are seeking agricultural learning opportunities or farming materials/equipment and do not fit the above categories.

For funding requests related to climate change, we will provide 50% of expenditures (maximum grant of $200/request) for items for young farmers (aged 35 and under) and new farmers (farming less than 5 years), with a limit of one request per farm per year.

Examples for eligible funding include, but are not limited to: fencing materials, gardening equipment, tree-planting, development of hedgerows and soil testing.

Examples of non-eligible items are: livestock, motorized equipment that burn fossil fuels.

Priority will be given to proposals that help mitigate climate change.

If applicable, applicants should include a short explanation of how their proposal relates to climate change mitigation.

Recipients will be asked to consider how they can give back to the NFU.

Application process:

  1. Send an email (with your choice of written text, or an audio or video recording) providing the specifics (item, cost, reason/purpose, etc) to Local 316’s Secretary-Treasurer, Rick Munroe – rmj @ (no spaces).
  2. It will then be circulated to all directors and a collective decision will be made (hopefully within 7 days of his receiving the request).
  3. Receipts must be submitted after the grant has been approved and the purchase made. Reimbursement will then be issued.

Please note: Local 316 directors have set a limit of spending $3500 from the fund in a calendar year.

“As a majority white organization, we as the National Farmers Union acknowledge our past failures in acting as allies to Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour in food-producing communities. We are committed to building processes to unpack racism in our leadership and wider membership to better work in solidarity with communities of colour to build food sovereignty for all. This will not be easy, but is long overdue.”
Jessie MacInnis
NFU Youth Vice-President