Local 306
Elgin County

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Welcome message from the president:

Welcome to Local 306 in Elgin County! We are always looking for new members, both farmers and non-farmers alike. Please contact us if you have any questions, or come out to one of our Local meetings or events!
Keith Helmer
President, Local 306

About Our Local

We are a group of farmers living in Elgin county who are mostly grain and oilseed producers, as well as a few livestock and vegetable producers. We believe in stewardship in agriculture in order to enhance biodiversity and soil conservation.


Why You Should Join Us

At the NFU we believe In stewardship in agriculture. We have a strong conservation ethic and believe in making it possible for a small family farm to not just exist but to thrive.


Not a Farmer?

At the NFU we have a strong commitment to social justice as well as strong and healthy communities. Strong, healthy communities contribute to a strong rural economy.


Upcoming Meetings

Our local executive meetings begin with a review of the minutes from the last meeting. We discuss any upcoming business. And the treasurer does his report.

Details coming soon!


Upcoming Events

In the summer we have a farm tour and pot luck.

Details coming soon!

Contact Us!

Keith Helmer
Email: helmisterp@yahoo.ca