Letter to the Municipality

To whom it may concern:

It is inconceivable that the OSPCA has no provincial body supervising or reining in their drive to aggravate livestock farmers.

Livestock farmers on the whole consider looking after their animals to the best of their ability as it is their means of income.  There are many different styles of housing, each good in their own way – no one size fits all.  There are many checks and balances now and no farmer wants to see animals mistreated.

Our organization (NFU) feels that the McLaren private member bill which has been defeated, fit the situation – turning monitoring of livestock care over to OMAFRA – as they have the expertise.

Before violence breaks out, some sane heads must prevail.  If the OSPCA is a private entity, why is the OPP accompanying the agent when the public pays their wages?

I would ask that this matter be discussed at the mayor’s level and with other counties to provide support for the farming community.  No farmer individually wants to be the front person as this would target him/her with consequences.

Thank you
Cameron Reeds
President of Peterborough, Durham, City of Kawartha Lakes NFU-O

cc:Kelly Maloney
Gord James
Ric McGee
Oliver Haan – Vice-president OPPMB