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Why is the NFU-O’s membership growing while other farm organizations shrink?

We work for family farms, not just the big guys.

Some organizations only represent the biggest producers. We fight for family farms, including small and medium sized producers. That means we can win policies that help small farmers thrive (like the Artisanal Chicken Program) and support local infrastructure for family farmers (like this farmer-run abattoir).

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We advocate boldly for farmers and farming communities.

We aren’t afraid to challenge government and corporate interests. We closely monitor government policy, generate our own policy options through thorough research and consultation, and we speak the truth about what family farmers need to succeed.

The NFU is a strong voice for farmers at every level of government, and in 2017 we represented sustainable family farmers at forums from International Joint Commission on the Great Lakes to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-food, where we asked the government to make food sovereignty the foundation of Canada’s national food policy.

We work on the issues our members prioritize, whether that’s climate change, soil protection, or farmers’ economic rights.

Some farm organizations accept big bucks from seed companies and equipment manufacturers. We don’t believe in that. We’re the only independent national organization of farmers.

We’re not accountable to Monsanto or the Premier. We’re accountable to you.

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We create farmer-friendly policy through our grassroots, democratic approach.

Our power as an organization is rooted in our 22 Locals across Ontario. The NFU’s goals and policies are based on your input and your votes at the Local level and at Regional and National Conventions.

We also consult with our membership through direct conversation, online surveys, Kitchen Table Meetings, and our booth at events like the Ottawa Farm Show, the South-West Ag Conference, and Guelph Organic Conference.

We may not be the largest of the farm organizations, but our democratic practice means the NFU is a place where you will be heard.

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We work for sustainability—of all kinds.

Sustainability is the cornerstone of the NFU’s work. We believe in the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of farms. That means protecting soil health, water quality, and biodiversity. It also means ensuring that sustainable farmers can make a living, and that rural people have the social support they need to be happy and healthy.

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We are a strong and growing community, with leadership by women and youth.

Other farm organizations are shrinking, but the NFU-O membership keeps growing. Why? Farmers know the status quo isn’t good enough, and they want to be part of our growing community of successful farmers.

Our community welcomes everyone. Since 1969, we’ve reserved spaces for women and youth at every level of leadership—from the Local to the National. No other farm organization has our proud history of inclusion, or our track record of leadership by women and youth. And we prioritize programs and support for young and new farmers.

We continue to work for fairness and equality in the NFU and society at large. We have working groups on migrant workers, indigenous solidarity, and gender equality that you can be part of.

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Through the NFU, farmers and eaters work together for a better food system.

We believe in the power of farmers; but farmers now make up only one percent of Canada’s population. If we want to create a fair and sustainable food system, farmers have to work together with eaters who care about food and farm issues. We have growing support from non-farming “associate members”.

In 2017 we were proud to add our twenty-second Local, in York Peel and Toronto. And we initiated new projects to connect with allies in education, health care, and urban communities, thanks in part to support from the Greenbelt Fund, the Gosling Foundation, and the National Farmers Foundation.

We work to build strong movements in Canada and abroad. The NFU is a founding member of La Via Campesina, the international movement of small farmers, which now represents over 200 million farmers around the world.

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Choose the organization with a place for you. Choose the organization that can make change. Choose the organization that fights for sustainable family farms.

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