NFU Local 316

NFU Local 316 is a committed group of farmers and eaters, working to empower and support people through a knowledge-based farm and food system.

It envisions healthy, high-quality, locally-grown food for all in a secure and sustainable farm and food system.

For more than a decade, Local 316 has been actively working to help build the local food and farm economy in the Kingston area.

Our Local directors

  • Josh Suppan, President,
  • Kathy Rothermel, Treasurer,
  • Rick Munroe, Secretary
  • Dianne Dowling, Vice-President
  • Annie Richard, Director
  • Marie Bencze, Director
  • Tim Dowling, Director

Our achievements

  • 2019 – present: Climate Action Group (Local farmers conduct soil testing for organic matter and active carbon in a multi-year study to measure soil health and carbon sequestration)
  •  2016 – present: Fall Feast (Building urban-rural connections and raising funds to support education and training opportunities for young/new farmers and for climate change mitigation projects)
  •  2009 – present: Save our prison farms campaign (Played a leadership role in (ongoing) campaign to save/restore the prison farms. A documentary was made about this struggle in 2014)
  •  2008 – 2012: New Farm Project (Training, mentorship and equipment provided for new and transitioning farmers producing for the local market, a $250,000 project with major funding from Heifer International)
  •  2007: Food Down The Road (A series of food system workshops and the NFU Local Food Summit in November. Outcomes of the summit include a Local Food Declaration (which became the basis of the KFL&A Food Charter, endorsed by the city and Frontenac County) and the creation of Loving Spoonful)