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We’re farmers first, and our policies reflect it. While our membership does have large farmers, small farmers, and everyone in between, most of us are small and medium sized producers. That means our policies and what we advocate for are developed to support sustainable-scale agriculture, and help family-sized farms thrive. Keep reading…

We all want a sustainable food system that can support all of us. Even if you’re not growing food, your voice is important to Ontario’s agri-food sector and your support is invaluable. We believe a sustainable food and agriculture sector means farms need to be economically, social, and environmentally sustainable. Keep reading… 

Whether you’re growing food or you just enjoy eating it, you should join us. Together, we can strengthen Ontario’s agri-food sector and voice our support for responsible and sustainable agriculture in Ontario and help shape our future of food. You’ll also get welcomed into a vibrant local group of likeminded farmers and foodies. With events happening across the province all year long, you’ll be sure to find value in becoming a member.

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