Climate Action Toolkit

Climate Education Toolkit

Welcome to your Climate Education Toolkit!

Here you will find templates and marketing materials to showcase your climate actions and sustainability initiatives you’re taking on your farm.  Click on the icon below to download a sample for your online or printable use.  Postcards, fact sheets, infographics and market product tags can all be used and printed as materials to have at your market booth or farm stand.  The sample press release, op-ed, and How-to Host a Kitchen Table Meeting are all samples that you can use as inspiration for writing your own or hosting your own meeting to engage others about climate action and what you’re doing on your farm.

If you would like to use our Climate Action Icons for your own use in creating your marketing materials and promotion, please view our Climate Action Menu for Farmers you can download the icons here.

If there’s something you’d like to see included on this page, please email us at climate(at)


Click to download a 2-sided PDF 5×7″ postcard ready to print
Click to download a printable PDF
Download a PNG also sized for printing








Click to download a 5×7″ printable PDF
Click to download a 4.25×11″ printable PDF








Click to download a PDF sample op-ed
Click to download a PDF sample press release 
Click to download a PDF sample of How-to hosting a kitchen table meeting








Click to view our menu of Climate Action Icons in PNG format for your own marketing material use