Climate Action Pledgees

Growing Hope Farm

Growing Hope Farm is a not-for-profit social enterprise. We give volunteer opportunities to people who have serious barriers to employment to come and be part of the family and learn new skills in the process. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) No on-farm fuel used, 2) Only deliveries within 60km, 3) Composting, 4) organic feed, 5) All manure used on farm for soil improvement, 6) Planting fruit trees, 7) Planting perennials, 8) Rotational grazing, 9) Adding bees to farm, 10) Soil testing, 11) Hedgegrow planting

Highland Gem Farm

Highland Gem Farm is located in Lanark Highlands specializing in high-quality pastured chicken, pork, and non-certified organic seasonal produce. Highland Gem serves the local community through local farmers markets, a CSA program, and farm-gate sales. Highland Gem Farm was established in 2017. Highland Gem Farm focuses on raising healthy meats and vegetables. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) Create a water management plan for my fields, 2) Keep seed production a part of the crop plan, 3) Try to keep records of temperature & weather events over the season

Waldegrave Farm

Waldegrave Farm is a small-scale, certified organic vegetable farm located in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, Canada. We are committed to helping rebuild local food systems by providing high quality, fresh, seasonal produce to the Tatamagouche, Truro, and Halifax communities. We grow a diversity of over 40 types of vegetables in both field and greenhouse. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) Till less, turn over beds only once per season, 2) Attract wild pollinators, 3) Make plastic inputs last longer/minimize them

Strong Roots Community Garden

The Strong Roots Community Garden is an Indigenous nonprofit organization located in Akwesasne. Supporting the community through food security, and community awareness. Strong Roots Charitable Foundation provides support to empower and enrich the lives of Akwesasne youth and elders. The Strong Roots Community Garden is one faction of the Charitable Foundation to support the community through food security and education. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) Unite both Canadian & US portions of my community in the agricultural field, 2) Educate my community on sustainable ag, 3) Create a larger population of people involved with sustainable ag

Larkspur Farm

Larkspur Farm is a small farm in Buckingham, QC. We grow long-lasting cut flowers and full flavoured vegetables for farmers’ markets in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. We specialize and direct market high quality salad greens, fresh roots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and herbs. We also grow a wide variety of cut flowers and foliage for farmers’ markets and florists. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) Conservation tillage, 2) Soil tests, 3) Advocate for climate justice

Leaf House City Farm

Leafhouse City Farm is run by 2 farmers learning & growing alongside 1/2 acre of edible flowers & herbs, certified organic. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) Biking to/from farm, bike deliveries/transport to market, 2) No till, 3) Cover cropping pathways (limitation with rotational nature of incubator farm)

Sleepy G Farm

Sleepy G Farm is in the small community of Pass Lake, which is at the base of the peninsula. Our farming philosophy is based on the principles of traditional small scale farming which characterized agriculture up until the 1940s. Today, as the world experiences the instability of rapidly dwindling fossil fuel energy, agriculture is at a crossroads between continuing along the path we are currently on, or looking to our agricultural roots to see if traditional knowledge will help us meet the food production challenges of the future. We believe that the return of small farms will be the next agricultural revolution, and Sleepy G Farm is excited to be a part of it! Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) Being more creative with crop covering in limited space, 2) Planting perennial hedgegrows for food and beneficial shelter

Willo'wind Farm

Willo’ Wind is a family farm committed to sustainable farming practices that promote stewardship of the land to preserve it for future generations. We believe in nurturing the small farm rural culture and giving consumers a direct connection to a delicious, healthy and safe local food source. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) reforestation, 2) perrenials/cover crops, 3) rotational grazing, 4) advocacy

Heartbeet Hudson Community Farm

The Hudson Community Farm is a project of the Hudson Food Collective in partnership with the Town of Hudson (QC). The Hudson Heartbeet Community Farm provides a wide variety of organically grown vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs; educational opportunities to learn about organic farming; ​a social reinsertion program; community events; and celebrations. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) Climate change is depressing. Easy to feel rejected and pessimistic, which leads to inaction, when climate action is time sensitive. Acknowledge this and engage with young farmers. 2) Creating a safe space open to all at the Hudson Community Centre.

Double Jay Farm

We are a family farm situated on Howe Island, Ontario. We raise organic, grass-fed beef using intensive rotational grazing. Our practices are regenerative for the soil, caring for the animals, nutritious for our customers and in harmony with our planet. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) manure management, increase in-pasture manure management 2) Carbon budget - no tools for doing this carbon testing! 3) get paid for carbon sequestration

Rooted Oak Farm

Raised in Kingston, Ontario, Nikki Tesar and Stuart Oke met and fell in love while farming together. They have more then a decade of vegetable growing experience between them and have farmed throughout Ontario and in Quebec, having trained under experienced and professional growers of all scales. They are excited to bring Rooted Oak Farm produce and products, and their shared dream of an ethical and financially sustainable farm, to the Ottawa and Gatineau region. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) advocacy, 2) build soil, 3) cover crops, 4) Reduce plastic use on farm

Rosina Rugosa Farm

Rosina Rugosa farm is located in BC's Lower Mainland/Similkameen Valley. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) Harvesting rainwater, building soil through rotational grazing and not-tilling, 3) save locally-adpated seed and growing perennial crops and cover crops

Cavaleiro Farm

Cavaleiro Farm is a 65-acre, agroecological farm located in Schomberg, Ontario, about an hour drive from downtown Toronto. Our farm’s bright, open landscape is marked by rolling hills, open pastures and woodlots with mature oaks and maple trees over 100 years old. Various springs provide supply to two large ponds and solar exposure is excellent across the property. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) cover crops, 2) tree planting, 3) Staying informed

La Ferme Agricola

We grow our vegetables and flowers at the Plateforme Agricole de L’Ange-Gardien in Buckingham, QC, on unceded Algonquin territory. We grow organically, which means we don’t use chemical pesticides or fertilizers, we look for biological solutions to pest and disease issues, and we strive to reduce our carbon footprint at every stage of our growing process. Our bio-intensive systems are aimed at growing food on a human scale, and we use hand tools, cover crops, and compost to grow abundant quantities of fresh vegetables in a relatively small space. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) Reducing tillage, low till vegetable production, 2) Cover cropping for soil building and reduction of nitrogen fertilizer, 3) Participating in local food systems

Field Good Farms

The farm operates using organic methods on 4.5 acres of land just West of Cache Bay, Ontario since 2011. ​ Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) No-till vegetables (1/4 to 1/2 acre to start), 2) no plastic mulches, 3) plant 150 woody shrubs/perennial crops.

Beetbox Co-operative

We (David, Lise-Anne, and Jeremy) met a few years ago at a new-farmer mixer, and realized right away that there was potential to farm together. But we figured we should get to know each other first, so we decided “let’s be friends!” After a couple of years of potlucks, meetings, and many visits to potential farmland, we took the leap and now we’re married. …Just kidding!!! We are housemates for now, but the main thing is that we’re all committed to being your friendly urban produce growers. As a co-op, the farmworkers own and run the business together ensuring fair pay and an equal voice. We follow and exceed Canadian Organic Standard. We are in the process of certifying the land as Organic. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) perrennial cover crop, 2) compost management, 3) customer education

Three Forks Farms

Located in Warren Ontario, Three Forks Farms is run by us, Eric and Peggy. We care about the food we grow, the animals we work with and the impact we have on the land. Our goal is to share these values with you, to provide the best organically raised foods that are healthy, nutritious and safe. All our food is certified organic under the Canadian Organic Standard and is verified by Eco-Cert Canada. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) Saving locally adapted seed varieties, 2) perennial and cover crops, 3) build soil, 4) rotational grazing

Big City Bees

Big City Bees in a non-profit initiative to bring apians and other pollinators to our urban centres through education, beautification and appreciation! Big City Bees' mission is to foster and improve public perceptions and understanding of honey bees and other pollinators through education and hands-on experience in an urban apiary environments. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) tree planing 2) fuel conservation measures in travel, 3) installing photovolteic

Ryerson University Students for Food Security

The purpose of this group is to empower individuals to incite social change and alleviate food insecurity in their daily lives and within their careers. This group will provide students and others with the knowledge and confidence required make a difference. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) local eating 2) waste-free/plastic free 3) start a school based environmental justice coalition and challenge Ryerson U to do better

Matchbox Garden

We are a small farm and seed company located along the Grand River in Haldimand County. Started as an urban backyard garden in downtown Toronto, Matchbox has experienced growing in gardens as small as 500sqft, all the way up to 4 acres. We produce over 120 varieties of open pollinated, heirloom and rare vegetables, herbs, flowers, seed and seedlings. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) plant diverse varieties, 2) build soil, 3) perennial and cover crops.

Fiddlefoot Farm

We are a biodynamic farm that is committed to caring for the earth and maintaining the integrity of our land for future generations. We do not use any synthetic chemicals, artificial fertilizers or genetically modified organisms. We are seeking to connect with conscientious consumers looking to help develop strong local economies and who recognize that healthy soils nourish healthy communities. We grow for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership program as well as the Orangeville and Toronto Brickworks Farmers’ Markets. Learn more at:

Our Climate Actions include: 1) Rotational Grazing, 2) Composting & 3) Advocacy

If you’re seeking tools for using our Climate Action templates and icons for promoting your climate actions on your farm, click here for our Climate Action Toolkit.