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You don’t have to be a farmer; if you want a fair and sustainable food system you should join the National Farmers Union!

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Why sign up for an Associate Membership?


International Solidarityparliament

The National Farmers Union works in solidarity with farmers here and around the world. The NFU is a founding member of La via Campesina, the international movement of peasants and small farmers, which now represents 200 million farmers worldwide. We work internationally for better food and farm policy in the age of globalization.


Safe and Healthy Food for your Family

The National Farmers Union believes in food security: providing safe and nutritious food for everyone. Help us build a future where everyone has food security!


Supporting Young Farmers and the Future of Farming

Most farmers in Canada are over 55 years old, and three quarters of those farmers have no one to replace them when they retire. A recent survey organized by NFU youth found that two-thirds of new farmers didn’t grow up on farms themselves. That’s another reason were reaching out to non-farmers, because many of them want to become more involved in growing food or even become farmers themselves.


Encouraging Sustainable Farms

The National Farmers Union believes in taking care of the land and animals, protection of seeds and biological diversity, respect for traditional and indigenous knowledge, and working with nature to produce healthy food.