Emery Huszka Acclaimed National Farmers Union – Ontario President/NFU Region 3 Coordinator

Photo by Connie Tabbert
2017-2018 NFU-O Council members: Top row: Ayla Fenton, National Board member; Steve Laing, Marcelle Paulin, Paul Dejong, Councillors-at-large; Bottom row: Tony Straathof, National Board member, Emery Huszka, NFU-O President and National Board member; Martin Boettcher, Youth Advisor; Not pictured: Dodie Ellenbogen, Women’s Advisor

Emery Huszka of Florence, Ontario was acclaimed as the National Farmers Union – Ontario President, NFU National Board member, and NFU Region 3 Coordinator at the Annual General Meeting held March 4 in Ridgetown, Ontario

In his second term, Huszka remains committed to the NFU-O’s focus on engaging youth and sharing the NFU-O’s core values with both rural and urban populations. “The youth are farming’s future, and if we don’t prioritize strong rural communities and economically and environmentally sustainable farms, there will be nothing left for the next generation,” notes Huszka.

“I made a commitment when I took on the role last year to pursue membership as part of the NFU-O’s economic sustainability, and I am pleased that the NFU-O continues to grow in size,” Huszka commented. “Now, more than ever, we need the NFU-O’s voice. The recent elimination of the democratically elected Ontario Processing Vegetable Board highlights the need for farmers to be engaged and work together, and I encourage all farmers and eaters who care about food and farming issues to join us.”

Also elected to the NFU-O Board and NFU Region 3 Council were Tony Straathof (Westmeath) and Ayla Fenton (Kingston) as National Board members; Marcelle Paulin (Pass Lake), Steve Laing (Prince Edward), and Paul Dejong (Dundalk) as Councillors-at-large. Dodie Ellenbogen (Prince Edward) as Women’s Advisor and Martin Boettcher (Brussels) as Youth Advisor were acclaimed.

For more information contact:

Emery Huszka, NFU-O President: 519-692-4892; president@nfuontario.ca
Sarah Bakker, NFU-O General Manager: 705-738-3993, office@nfuontario.ca