Who we are

The National Farmers Union – Ontario is the only voluntary farm organization, which is committed to:

  • ensuring family farms are the primary unit of food production;
  • promoting environmentally-safe farming practices;
  • giving farm women equal voice in shaping farm policy;
  • working for fair food prices for both farmers and consumers;
  • involving, educating and empowering rural youth for a better future;
  • building healthy, vibrant rural communities;
  • ensuring an adequate supply of safe, nutritious food for Canadians.

The family farm is the cornerstone of the system that provides safe, nutritious food to Canadians. City people, as well as farmers, have a stake in it. The National Farmers Union – Ontario is unique among farm organization in working for people’s interests against corporate control of our food system.

The National Farmers Union is made up of farm families who share common goals. Every member of the farm family – including the farmer and their spouse and children, ages 14 to 21 – are full voting members of the Union. This structure recognizes that every family member contributes to the farm by working on it directly, or indirectly through off-farm employment.

Associates are a valued part of the National Farmers Union family as well. Associates are non-farmers who understand that food issues are everyone’s concern and who want to help family farmers build a sustainable and nutritious food system in Canada.

The National Farmers Union is comprised of eight regions across the country. Ontario is known as Region 3 in the national context. The NFU–O has 8 elected council positions including a Coordinator/national board member, a Women’s Advisor, a Youth Advisor, 2 members who also sit on the national board, and 3 councilors at large.

2017-2018 NFU-O Board

Emery Huszka NFU-O President/R3 Coordinator 519-692-4892 husky11@mnsi.net
Tony Straathof National Board Member/Treasurer 613-587-4343 straath@nrtco.net
Ayla Fenton National Board Member/Vice President 613-539-3341 aylafenton90@gmail.com
Marcelle Paulin Region 3 Women’s Advisor 807-977-1631 sleepygfarm@gmail.com
Steph Laing Regional Council Member 613-476-2391 steph@fiddlehead-farm.ca
Don Ciparis Regional Council Member 519-785-0001 donciparis@gmail.com
Coreen McNally Regional Council Member 705-441-2502 coreen.mcnally@gmail.com
Aaron Armstrong Region 3 Youth Advisor 613-827-1614 bluewheelbarrowfarm@gmail.com